Admission Process

Please send or have your most current provider send the following information:

  1. Most recent Comprehensive Psychosocial.
  2. Most recent Psychiatric Evaluation.
  3. Most recent History and Physical.
  4. Most recent laboratory results including: CBC (complete Blood Count and differential); CMP (complete metabolic Panel); Urinalysis with microscopic; and UDS Screenings
  5. Most recent TB test result ( PPD or Chest x-ray)
  6. List of Current Medications.
  7. Consent for Release of Information for current provider and Open Arms, Inc.
  8. LOCADTR Assessment (level of care determination)
  9. What health insurance you currently have? (Medicaid, Medicare, etc).
  10. If applicable, what managed care provider you currently have (Fidelis, MVP, etc.)
  11. Proof of application for temporary assistance with case worker contact information must be provided prior to bed date being scheduled.

Upon receiving the above documentation, Open Arms, Inc. will call and set up a face to face interview with the potential resident.

After the interview process, the case is brought before the treatment team for evaluation and to determine appropriateness/inappropriateness of treatment at this level of care.

After a decision has been determined, the potential resident will be notified of the decision.