Program Philosophy

Open Arms, Inc. is a voluntary structured program that provides residents with a safe, warm, home like atmosphere, sleeping quarters, nutritious meals, peer support and counselor guidance, to enable residents to achieve a substance and alcohol-free lifestyle, while facilitating the resident to obtain skills to live independently.

Residents will be asked to share their needs with their counselor and will be expected to set goals and work towards meeting those goals through their mutually agreed-upon service plan.

While living in our community residence, resident’s will be expected to seek appropriate addiction counseling services, vocational training or continuing education, and /or community service or volunteer opportunities based on individual needs. Unless disabled, each resident will be expected to invest their sincerest efforts towards their own rehabilitation, with the work ethic in mind.

When a resident’s needs cannot be met by their involvement in house activities, outside agencies will be utilized, i.e. self-help groups, religious organizations, outpatient counseling, social services, ACCESVR, Tomorrow’s Workplace, the Labor Dept, etc. Open Arms counselors will provide the initial referral with contact names, phone numbers, location and directions, but it will be the resident’s responsibility to arrive on time for appointments and utilize the services to the best of their ability.

Residents will leave Open Arms when they feel able to manage their lives in a more independent manner, or if their contract with us is broken. In order to achieve a successful completion, it is hoped that each resident will fully involve themselves in their recovery service plan every day of their stay. Open Arms asks that resident make a minimum commitment of three (3) months, but the average stay can be as long as one (1) year, if justified. Each case is decided upon an individual’s needs and consent.